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carolesdaughter Shows How To Dress Like Her New EP With Her Killstar Capsule Collection

After having a ‘true full-circle moment,’ thanks to her Killstar capsule, alternative singer carolesdaughter explains how to dress like every song on her new EP and how her collection offers ‘something for everyone.’

“I find it empowering to not look like everyone else or follow trends,” carolesdaughter tells HollywoodLife when discussing her capsule collection with KILLSTAR. This brand provides occult luxury to those who, like carolesdaughter, eschew mainstream tastes and fashions. With her collection, carolesdaughter not only selects a number of must-haves for anyone’s closet. She also picks out the clothing she wishes she could have worn while growing up.

“Growing up Mormon restricted me from exploring that part of my self-expression and identity,” she says in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “It feels cathartic to be in this position now to work with KILLSTAR, a brand I’ve loved for so long, and put my own spin on the designs.” Those desires and sensibilities are woven throughout please put me in a medically induced coma, the EP carolesdaughter released earlier in 2022.

“My clothes don’t fit, and I can feel my spine / I can’t give up the drugs, so I give up on life,” she sings on the title track, capturing that feeling of despair after you’re told to live one way, but know you can’t. carolesdaughter’s music shows that when the options are to conform or die, there really isn’t a choice, now is there?

Thankfully, carolesdaughter didn’t give up (in fact, she just released a new song.) And, with her capsule collection and her art, carolesdaughter shows those similarly-minded individuals that there are more options in life. You can dress the way that makes you feel alive, and you can find happiness in all the things others say are “bad.” You can walk around with a purse full of your ex-boyfriend’s tears while greeting the day in your Inferno Room Flares and a smile on your face.

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