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Watch the video for Queen Kwong’s ‘Without You, Whatever’

Queen Kwong has released the video for new track ‘Without You, Whatever’ taken from upcoming album ‘Couples Only’ 

The song is described as the only pop song Queen Kwong has ever released while the video features Blood Red Shoes’ Laura-Mary Carter, who also provides backing vocals across the record and co-hosts the Never Meet Your Idols podcast alongside Queen Kwong.

“We filmed it the first two days of my trip, so I was really jet-lagged and felt delirious, but that added to the wackiness of the video,” said Queen Kwong’s Carré Kwong Callaway. “We used whatever was lying around the house (rubber gloves, vacuums, fake flowers, etc.) to stage mundane domestic scenes with hints of disturbances or discomfort.”

“Mimi (Supernova, director) has a great eye, and we have a lot of respect for each other, so the process was totally painless. Usually, making music videos is very emotional and draining for me, but this was the opposite. We just hung out, drank wine and had fun.”

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